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You’ve spent countless hours dowloading your favorite fonts from sites like DaFont and FontBundles, etc. You use them in all your favorite Design Space projects. But now with Cricut’s latest update, you cannot find them. Has Cricut banished all outside font downloads? Is it time to panic or cry or maybe both?

I went through the same exact thing. I logged into Cricut Design Space, searched for a trusty font that I use all the time that I purchased off of FontBundles and couldn’t find it. I unclicked the Kerned box because why not. Still nothing. After searching for and finding all of my other downloaded fonts missing, I took a deep breath and finally saw it…

Cricut did not oust all non-Cricut fonts. Hallelujah!!! They just seperated them from Cricut fonts. If you click the word System along the top, you will find all of your precious downloaded fonts. 

Cricut banished




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