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  1. Do you Boo? We love to Boo and I’m going to share with you one of my all-time favorite Boo bag ideas – cute witches feet sticking out of a cauldron. I’m throwing in the FREE SVG and Printables too!

What is Boo’ing?

For those of you new to the Boo, it’s a fun activity to bring your neighborhood together right before Halloween. Boo’ing usually starts around the second week in October. It only takes one family to start the Boo’ing, but the more that start, the faster it spreads through the neighborhood, so the more the merrier.

You will need to create two Boo bags. Why two? This way if one family decides to not continue the Boo, it doesn’t die. These bags can be simple or creative. Part of the fun is seeing the variety of different Boo’s when you get Boo’d over the years.

Fill two bags or boxes with little Halloween themed treats (more on that later). Next, you print out a printable that explains the Boo’ing game and include one for each bag. I have included a free printable that adorably matches the Boo bag. 


Then the exciting part…the Boo. My kids love this part. We usually wait until it’s dark. My kids really get into it by going into stealth mode – wearing all black and grabbing flashlights. (Please be aware of traffic – that’s why I always come with them.) Then we grab our two Boo bags and sneak down to our “targets”.

Next, the kids sneak up, drop the Boo bag, knock on the door or ring the doorbell and run as fast as they can. Often they dramatically dive behind bushes ninja style. 

The person that was Boo’d puts the “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign (bottom portion of the printable) in their window so they don’t get Boo’d twice. Then they continue the cycle by selecting two more families to Boo. In no time, the Boo’ing has spread through the entire neighborhood. 

Ideas for Boo Bag Treats

I’ll be honest, my favorite part is creating the Boo bag theme, but the kids love the treats that go in the Boo bag. Just make sure they fit in whatever bag / container you are using. Some favorite treats we put in the bags are:

  • Halloween Candy
  • Halloween Pencils
  • Halloween Stickers
  • Halloween Gel Clings
  • Glow Bracelets
  • Trick-Or-Treat Flashlights
  • Small Halloween Themed Stuffed Animals
  • Silly String
  • Halloween Themed Target Dollar Bins Items

Using Your Cricut to Create a Boo Bag

So now that you have a full understanding of Boo’ing, I’m going to share one of my favorite Boo Bag Ideas with you. You need a Cricut or Silhouette to create this adorable witches feet Boo bag. I’ll walk you through step by step how to create it using your Cricut. There is also a video tutorial if you prefer that.

Featured Video


Supplies for Witches Feet Boo Bags

Cutting Out The Witches Feet

You will want to start by downloading the FREE Witches Feet SVG. Once you click on it, it’ll pop up, right click and select “Save As”. Save it anywhere on your computer that you normally save your SVG’s.

Next, you will want to upload the SVG into Cricut. If you need help with this, please read my previous post “How to Upload a File into Cricut Design Space”.

I have the witches feet sized perfectly for a 7 – 7.5 inch cauldron. If your cauldron is smaller or larger, resize the SVG accordingly. Also included you will find a “Boo” that can be put on front of the cauldron. At this point feel free to also change the colors to reflect the cardstock you are using. 

Cutting Out The Witches Feet

I decided to make the black and purple sections with glitter cardstock and the orange and green with 80lb cardstock. I used Recollections Cardstock from Michael’s. 

Once you have resized and changed the colors to reflect your preference, select the “Make It” button.

Cutting Out The Witches Feet

Select the “Continue” button and select the appropriate material type. For my glitter cardstock, I used the glitter cardstock setting and for the other cardstock, I use the medium cardstock setting. 

Tip: When you remove the cardstock from your cutting mat, always flip it upside down and remove the mat from the cardstock. This prevents your cardstock from curling. 

Clothes oranges

Assembling the Witches Feet

Once you have all of your pieces cut out, it’s time to put them together. If you watched the video you notice that I used Zig Two Way Glue for the regular cardstock and Zots Glue Dots to stick the cardstock onto glitter cardstock. I’ve since found Bearly Art Glue which can do both jobs. Feel free to use what you have at home, but if you are struggling to stick regular cardstock to glitter cardstock I recommend using Zots or Bearly Art Glue – of course hot glue would work too. 

Assembling the Witches Feet

Putting the Cauldron Together

Now that you have your witches feet assembled you will want to put the cauldron together.

First, I add Halloween ribbon under the lip of the cauldron for an extra touch. Totally optional. Micheal’s always has cute Halloween themed ribbons. I used Zots Glue Dots to attach the ribbon. You could also use a hot glue gun. 

Putting the Cauldron Together

Next, I attached the Boo sign onto the front of the Cauldron using Zots Glue Dots

Then, I put the goodies into the cauldron. 

Putting the Cauldron Together

Next, cover the goodies with Halloween themed shredded paper. 

Putting the Cauldron Together

Lastly, you will attach the pencils to the back of the witch’s feet. You can use tape (cute washi tape is fun) or hot glue. Make sure the pencils stick out enough below the feet so you have enough room to stick them down into the goodies. This is how the feet stick in the air.

Putting the Cauldron Together

Don’t forget to print out a “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign for each cauldron. You are done! I guarantee this Boo bag is going to delight the children you Boo and inspire them to Boo too.

Putting the Cauldron Together 




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