Let’s talk about the best way to make gorgeous quick and easy DIY Glitter Ornaments with your Cricut that last.

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Stop using unreliable mop and glow and dealing with potentially harmful vapors in polycrylic to make the glitter stick to your ornaments. I have found the ultimate solution to making the perfect glitter ornament. Ornament Magic by CrystaLac. It coats completely, looks gorgeous, is non-toxic and lasts year over year. It’s so easy to use too. 

Supplies Used

Feature Video

Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.


How to Use Ornament Magic

There is no need to prep the inside of your ornament. Just squeeze the Ornament Magic into the ornament.  

The Ornament Magic is nice and thick and coats easily. Twist the ornament around starting at the bottom and slowly twist and tilt to work the Ornament Magic up the inside of the ornament.

I needed more Ornament Magic to coat everything, so I added more. I like to be conservative and add as I go so I don’t waste it or have to pour it back into the bottle, but you could easily remove the cap and pour excess back in.

Continue to twist and coat until Ornament Magic covers the entire inside – including the neck.

Next, turn the ornament upside down in a cup and let it drip out for about a minute.

Now it’s time to add the glitter! My glitter came with a little funnel which makes it so easy. Pour the glitter in.

Using the same twisting motion, coat the inside of the ornament with the glitter starting at the bottom.

If you need more glitter, add more. 

Continue to twist and coat the glitter around the inside of the ornament. I used the entire little vial for this one ornament. 

To coat the neck with glitter, I put the ornament against my palm and shake.

The Ornament Magic need to dry for 4 hours before putting the cap back on. While it’s drying, feel free to decorate it. I used my Cricut to cut out these handwritten sayings

After 4 hours, you can put the cap on.

Wasn’t that quick and easy!

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