These adorable plush bunnies make the perfect Easter gift. Learn how to perfectly personalize these or any stuffed animal with infusible ink using your Cricut for a professional looking soft and snuggly stuffie.

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I have a secret, I love personalizing things with my Cricut. Okay, that’s not the secret, if you browse through my website you will see that’s obvious. But the secret is, the better way to personalize stuffed animals is with infusible ink and not heat transfer vinyl (HTV). I am so sorry HTV, you are still my go to for many things, and I love you very much. Just in this instance, infusible ink works better. 

Infusible Ink vs. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Why am I so willing to toss my cherished HTV aside for this project? HTV adheres to the fabric and the vinyl sits on top of the material. Infusible ink is actually infused into the material and becomes part of it. This means if you use infusible ink:

  • Tiny hands cannot pick off the name like they could with HTV.
  • The name is soft and snuggly because it feels just like the plushie because it becomes part of the fabric.
  • It looks professional.


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Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.


I have learned a lot throughout my infusible ink stuffed animal journey. I’m saddened to say, a couple of bunnies might have been harmed in the process. I am excited to share my experience with you so future bunnies can be saved. 

Creating the Personalization in Design Space

Like so many projects, picking the font is usually the hardest part. It can make or break the design. For these plushy peeps I recommend the following:

  • Fun and playful thinner font

My first attempt was with one of my favorite fonts, I use it for so much and thought it would be great on the bunny. It wasn’t. The font was too bold and overwhelming it looked less fun and more like the bunny was holding up his inmate number.  

Be careful with fonts. If you go too bold it will look overwhelming on the stuffie. My first bunny, ruined.

So with that in mind:

  • Open a new Canvas in Cricut Design Space. 
  • Select the Text Box. 
  • Select the font of your choice. 

On my second attempt I went with a more fun font that I had previously downloaded – Baby Crab. Fonts you download can be found under System Fonts. For more information on how to download your own fonts read: How to Add Any Font to Design Space. Or feel free to select your favorite font from the wide variety of Cricut fonts.

The next decision you need to make is what size to make the name. My bunny was 2.5 inches wide, I made my name 1.5″ wide and it worked great (the second time). Again, you don’t want it to overwhelm the bunny. 

Size the personalization so it’s not too large and overwhelming on the stuffie.

Cutting the Infusible Ink Sheet

You will select Make to cut your personalized name. Remember to mirror your design.

Don’t forget to mirror your design.

Next you will want to set your material to Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet.

Search for Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet for your cut setting.

As you remove your infusible ink from the package you might notice a couple of things:

  1. The color is very muted. Don’t worry, once heated up, it will be the color shown on the box.
  2. It has a chemical smell. Be sure to use it in a well ventilated room.


To prepare your sheet for cutting. Do the following:

  • Use a very clean light grip mat (blue) or a used standard grip mat (green).
  • Apply the infusible ink sheet ink side up (the back is white and shiny).
  • Attach the sheet using a brayer (always a best practice).
Put the Infusible Ink sheet ink side up on your cutting mat.

Once your sheet is cut, you will need to weed it.

  1. First gently roll the piece of infusible ink to loosen it a little. 
  2. At the corner, pull the excess infusible ink paper away from the carrier sheet and carefully remove it from around the lettering.
  3. Weed out any pieces inside the letters.
Gently roll the cut infusible ink to loosen it before weeding.

Another lesson learned is the carrier sheet can leave little lines in the stuffy after it has been heated and pressed. 

Lines left behind from the carrier sheet.

To avoid this, carefully trim the carrier sheet back as close to the letters as possible.

Trim the carrier sheet to avoid lines.

Applying the Infusible Ink to the Stuffed Animal

Now it’s time to apply the infusible ink to your cute little bunny. Luckily this part is easy if you know the steps to follow.

Infusible Ink needs high temperatures for the chemical reaction, so turn your Cricut EasyPress Mini up to Level 3. 

Heat your Cricut EasyPress Mini to Level 3.

Because we are dealing with high heat, it is easy to melt the fabric. Especially with the material we are working with. Unfortunately I also learned this lesson the hard way. Poor bunny.

Burnt material from heating it the wrong way.

Since you cannot turn the temperature down, you need to find the perfect time and technique. For these bunnies the below worked perfectly:

  • Prep the bunny by going over it 5 times quickly in the same direction.

  • Next, line up the name exactly where you want it and put parchment paper (it comes with the infusible ink) over the name to protect your bunny.

  • Then, this is the very important part; for 60 seconds heat the infusible ink sheet by continually moving the Cricut EasyPress mini around. 
    • Be careful that you do not move the infusible ink sheet while heating it so you don’t get ghosting. This wasn’t really an issue for me. It stayed in place every time very well. 

  • After your 60 seconds is up (set a timer), allow the carrier sheet to cool. Once it’s cool to the touch, pull it back carefully.

Look how amazing and professional it looks. And trust me, it’s soft to the touch. It’s now part of the fibers.

It definitely took me a little trial and error to get this process perfected, but now that it is, I hope you have a great time personalizing your stuffed animals for those special little ones.


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