It always comes back in style. Make these adorable jelly bags on your Cricut. They are the perfect way to gift small gifts and gift cards.

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I love those cute little jelly bags that are having a moment again. They take me back to 80s. Yes, I’m definitely dating myself, but the good news is my daughter loves them now too. This gave me the perfect excuse to make a cardstock version of the classic. I find they are the perfect thing to make giving gift cards, little gifts or party favors absolutely adorable. 

Cricut Contributing Artist

I am fortunate enough to be a Cricut Contributing Artist (CAP). What does that mean? I am able to upload my SVG designs into Cricut Design Space. If you are a Cricut Access member you can cut them for free. Here is my profile. You can find the jelly bag project here

Jelly Bag Styles

I have many different jelly bag designs (basic, snowflake, flower, etc.). This tutorial applies to all the different styles. The assembly is the same regardless of the added elements.

Materials Needed:

Feature Video

Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.


Cutting the SVG in Cricut Design Space

Need help uploading the file Cricut Design Space? How to Upload Files to Cricut Design Space.

File Size

The file is sized to make a bag that is 6 inches long by 4.75 inches high and 1.75 inches deep. If you wish, you can make the file smaller, but it cannot be made larger because it will not fit on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.

Changing the Line to Score

Please Note: This does not apply if the project is accessed through Cricut Design Space. This is only for those purchasing the file from my shop.

This is very important!!! You must change the lines from cut to score. If you do not do this, your jelly bag will be cut to pieces. 

  • First you will want to highlight the lines on your layers panel. They are grouped together, so just select the first line and they will all highlight. 
  • Next, go over to the Operations drop down. Scroll down to select Score. 

Snowflake Jelly Bag Party Favor made from cardstock.

Now you will need to attach the score lines to your bag so they score in the correct place. 

  • Select the Ungroup button at the top of your layers panel.
  • Highlight the jelly bag and the score lines (do not include the other design elements – in this case it’s snowflakes)
  • Go to the bottom of the layers panel and select attach.

How to change cut lines to score lines in Cricut Design Space

Select the Make It button

Cutting the Jelly Bag

Cricut Cut Settings

You must use a 12×12 piece of cardstock for the bag. I set my Cricut to Cardstock (for intricate cuts) and I add more pressure.

I often like to use glitter cardstock for the added elements (snowflakes in this case). If I am using glitter cardstock, I set my Cricut to Glitter Cardstock and I add more pressure. 

Preparing the Cardstock

You must use a 12×12 piece of cardstock for the bag. I set my Cricut to Cardstock (for intricate cuts) and I add more pressure. When attaching my cardstock to the mat, I always use a brayer. This ensures a nice even and firm attachment of the cardstock. 

Scoring Tools

The first operation your Cricut tells you to do is to score. You need either a scoring stylus (Maker & Explore) or a scoring wheel (Maker). I am fortunate enough to have a Maker so I usually use the scoring wheel. I find it scores just a bit deeper. If you don’t have one, this project will still turn out beautifully. 

If you are using the stylus, insert it into housing A. If you are using the scoring wheel you will need to remove your fine point blade and insert it into housing B. 

Removing the Cardstock from the Mat

When removing your cardstock from the mat, flip the mat upside down and peel the mat away from the cardstock. This prevents the cardstock from curling. I also prefer a light grip mat that has been used at least 2-3 times. Otherwise, it’s hard to remove the cardstock.

Tip: You will have a lot of little scraps of cardstock left behind. I use my XL Cricut Scrapper to quickly remove all the bits of paper. 

Next, cut out your decorative elements with your cardstock of choice. 

Assembling the Jelly Bag

Now that you have everything cut out, it’s time to assemble this adorable little bag.

Folding the Jelly Bag

The first step is to determine which side is the outside of the bag so you know which way to fold.

I just learned the other day that you fold away from the Cricut score lines and not into them. Think of it this way, the score lines create a little indent on one side and a bump out on the other. The side with the indent is what faces up on your mat. You fold away from the indent. So the side that faces up, is the outside of your bag.

Does it really matter all that much? Probably not, I’ve done it both ways and it looks fine, but apparently there is a “correct” way and that is the way I’ve set these designs up.

Next, you will want to curve the side panels slightly. This helps it line up with the curved main panels when gluing it together. I use the bone folder, but you can use a pencil if you don’t have one.

Now it’s time to fold on the score lines. I do this slowly. I bend a little, go over it again and bend a little more, go over it again and bend a little more. You get the picture. I don’t just fold it over in one motion, I slowly ease into the crease. 

Then once I have it folded over, I run along the crease with my bone folder. 

Next, I fold the little tabs into the creases. I push each tab up against either my fingernail or a ruler. 

Gluing the Jelly Bag

Then we will glue the jelly bag together. I work on one side of the panel at a time. I put a dot of glue on each tab except the very top tab. 

I then flip the bag so the tabs that I just glued are on the edge of the front panel but facing down against the table. This allows me to press the pieces together. I press them into the side panel and slowly work them toward the edge.

This is why the glue you use is so important. I love Bearly Glue because it dries clear and quickly but you can also move it around while it’s drying. It’s basically the glue for those of us who aren’t perfect at assembly and need to tweak it, but have it turn out fabulous anyway. Raising my hand!!! 

As the glue gets more tacky, you can adjust the sides so they line up perfectly. 

Remember how we didn’t put glue on the very last tab? Once the other tabs are glued in place we do. Why wait? Since this is the finishing tab, I like to make sure it’s perfectly placed and can do that by just focusing on the one tab. 

So dab some glue on there and position it perfectly. Hold it until it’s tacky enough to stay in place.

Repeat this process on all four sides. Congrats! Your bag is assembled. Now it’s time to decorate.

Glue on the embellishment details. In this case, it’s the snowflakes.

You have the most adorable retro little jelly bag. 

Now the best part, deciding what to put inside!


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