Learn how to quickly and easily write and cut out an object in Design Space using your Cricut.

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Cricut’s ability to write then cut out an object is perfect for greeting cards, gift tags or just putting the special finishing touch on your project. 


Selecting Your Font

  • First, select the object you want to write on. In this tutorial, I’m going to add some words to the balloon that the bear is holding. I have horrible handwriting and don’t want to ruin the project, so Cricut saves the day once again.
    • Make sure the object’s operation is set to Basic Cut. If it’s not, select it. To do this, go to the Operation drop down in the top left corner and select the operation Basic Cut
  • Next, you will want to select the text box on the lefthand side. 

  • Then, go to the Font drop down. 
  • Click on the Filter in the Fonts section.

  • From the filter, select Writing. This will bring up all Cricut fonts that can be used for Writing. 


  • Select a font that you like, but keep in mind what you want your finished product to look like. I like to use fonts that have one single line. If the font is thicker, it will give you a double outlined look. 
  • Next, type in the words you would like your Cricut to write.
  • Sometimes the spacing on the fonts is a little off. Use Line Space and Letter Space to bring them in line to what works for you.
    • In this example I had to change my line spacing to -6.5.

  • Next, resize and position the words over your object.
    • Easily resize by clicking on the words and pull the corner until you reach the size you want.

Attaching Your Font to Your Object

  • Now is the key part, you must attach your wording to your object, otherwise the wording won’t have a home and it’ll float out all by itself.
    • Select the wording and the object you want to write.
    • You can do this either on the canvas or in the layers panel. (I find it easier to work in the layers panel.)
    • With both the writing and object highlighted in the layers panel, select Attach in the bottom right corner.

  • When you select Make and go to cut, your writing and object will be together on the same mat.

Preparing Your Cricut to Write and Cut

  • Next, select the material you will be cutting. I am cutting on 65lb cardstock so I selected Medium Cardstock – 80 lb.
  • The Cricut machine will write first and cut second. You can verify this in the Load tools and materials section. 

  • Put your pen in clamp A. Make sure you secure it firmly in. There is nothing worse than thinking your long writing project is writing, but finding out the pen wasn’t quite touching the paper because you didn’t push it down all the way. Don’t ask me how I know this. Lol!

  • The Cricut will write and then go right into cutting.

You end up with a finished product that looks professional and polished. 



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