Lip Balm pouch Money Holder

Gifting Cash? Make that gift stand out with these lip balm pouch money cards holders. Customize and print and cut by hand of with your Cricut.

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I am excited to show you how to use those plastic lip balm pouches to make a fun and adorable way to gift money.

I have older nieces and nephews. I’m not fooling myself, they would prefer cash over anything that I might pick out as a gift. But, I do like to try to find fun ways to gift the cash. I’m always looking for a new idea, so when I saw the plastic lip balm pouches, I got so excited. I had to design one right away.

I am sharing that design with you guys. I designed a birthday themed lip balm pouch money holder and I also have a piece that can be used as a fun back to the money holder or work as a great starting point for designing your own card. 

Shop Lip Balm Money Card Templates

I have lip balm money card templates for many occasions. Shop them here

No Cricut? No Problem! Different File Types

Each file comes with a few options to cover every different user. 

  • PNG file for Cricut Print then Cut function (use Cricut)
    • This file type is for people with a Cricut. You can upload the png file into Design Space, add and customization and use the Cricut Print then Cut function.
  • PNG file for print and cut by hand (use scissors)
    • This file is a simplified version of the above file. You can use a program such as Canva (free software) to customize and print the files. This version is designed to be easily cut using scissors after it’s printed. 
  • SVG file for Cricut (use Cricut) 
    • This is included for those of you who want more dimension. You can cut all the pieces out and assemble them using the SVG file and your cutting machine (Cricut or Silhouette). You can also do a combo of those two – save a little time by printing then cutting most of it on your Cricut, but make the cards pop with some special cut elements. The options are endless.
  • PDF for easy printing and cut by hand (use scissors)
    • This pdf is set up and ready to do. It prints to the exact size and is easy to do. It does not have an option for customization.

Materials Used for the Lip Balm Pouch Project


Featured Video

Option 1: Use Your Cricut to Make the Lip Balm Pouch Money Card

Step 1: Upload the File into Cricut Design Space

  •  Download and save the above FREE png files onto your computer or download your purchase from Etsy and save to your computer. 
  • Log into Cricut Design Space. 
  • Upload the PNG file of your choice into Design Space.
    • To do this select the Upload button.
    • On the upload screen, select the Upload Image Button.
    • Search for where you saved the files you downloaded. Bring in the printable PNG file first. (We will use the blank back file later).
    • Highlight the file and select the Open button.
  • You will see your image with three options next to it. Simple, Moderate, Complex. I always go with Complex.Upload the Free Files (Or Your Purchased File) into Cricut Design Space
  • Next, you are brought to the background remover screen. Don’t remove anything, just select the Apply & Continue button.


Upload the Free Files (Or Your Purchased File) into Cricut Design Space

  • You will now be at a screen with two options, the one on the left says Cut Image and the one on the right says Print Then Cut Image. We want the Print Then Cut image.  Select and hit the Upload button.

Upload the Free Files (Or Your Purchased File) into Cricut Design Space

  • Now you will see it under Recent Uploads, select your file and hit the Add to Canvas button.

Upload the Free Files (Or Your Purchased File) into Cricut Design Space


Step 2: Print Then Cut in Design Space

 The files are .png files. That means in Cricut we will treat it as a print then cut file. Using the file as a print then cut saves so much time. If you are new to Print then Cut, I will walk you through how to do it. I also have a video tutorial (above) which might be helpful to see it step by step. 

  • If you notice, on my design, there is a little blank circle at the top. This is the intended space for the dollar amount you are including in the lip balm pouch. I left it blank because people will include different amounts. Before you print then cut, you should add your dollar amount.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Step 2: Print Then Cut in Design Space                                              Step 2: Print Then Cut in Design Space
  • To add the dollar amount, select Text. Enter your amount and select your favorite font. 
  • Next, pull the dollar amount on top of the circle, resize it to fit and change it to whatever color you prefer. 
  • Some of my files for sale have a blank spot on them where you can personalize with names or sayings. You would do the same thing, select text, resize and put it over top of the blank or anywhere on the card that you want to add something. 
  • Now you have two separate layers, the $ amount and the card itself. We need to get these into one print then cut piece. To do this, select both layers. You can either highlight them both on the layers panel or drag your cursor over both of them to select. 
  • With all your layers selected, hit the Flatten button. Now you have one piece ready for Print then Cut.

Step 2: Print Then Cut in Design Space

  • Select the Make It button.
  • Select Send to Printer button. 
  • The Print SetUp box pops up. Select your printer from the drop down. Hit Print.

Hit Print

  • Important note: Make sure your printer is set to High Quality for the best possible print. 
  • Once your card is printing, select your materials. I am using 65lb cardstock for the front, so I selected 80lb cardstock. 

Step 2: Print Then Cut in Design Space

  •  Attach your printed card on your mat. I always use a Brayer to make sure the paper is attached well. 
  • Send it through your Cricut.
  • Remember, when removing the cardstock from the mat, always flip the mat over and peel the mat away from the paper so your paper doesn’t curl.Happy Birthday Card    

Add a Fun Backing to Lip Balm Pouch

I like adding a backing to my money holder. I usually use glitter or metallic cardstock. I think it serves two purposes. One, it adds a pop of fun and two, it makes the card feel more substantial. If you wish to skip this step, go onto the lip balm pouch section. 

  • Upload the back / blank template file into Cricut Design space. Follow the same steps as above with the birthday file.
  • However, when you get to Upload Type screen, you can select Cut Image instead of Print then Cut.Add a Fun Backing to Lip Balm Pouch
  • If you do select Print then Cut you can easily change it to Cut once it’s on your Design Space canvas. To do this go to the Operation drop down and select Basic Cut.
  • Make sure it’s sized correctly to fit on the back of the happy birthday lip balm pouch money holder. 

Add a Fun Backing to Lip Balm Pouch

  • Select the Make It button.
  • Make sure you change your material to Glitter Cardstock if that is what you are using. I usually change my pressure to more as well since I have an older blade on my Explore Air right now.
  • Again, once it’s cut, flip the mat over and peel the mat away from the cardstock to prevent curling. 

Skip down to Prepping the Lip Balm Pouch to continue.

Option 2: Cut the Lip Balm Pouch Money Card by Hand (using scissors)

These cut by hand files have no hanging hole at the top. If you would like one, you can use a hole punch to put one in. They also are outlined in black so you can easily see where to cut. 

Quick and Easy PDF

You have two options to print and cut out the lip balm pouch money card by hand. The first is the pdf option. This is easy and straightforward. This file is set up to print the exact size needed. There is one file in the pdf. Just open the pdf and print then write in your names and dollar amounts.


Watch for a step by step tutorial on how to edit and print using Canva or if you prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Using Canva to Customize and Print your png file Lip Balm Pouch Money Card

If you want to print more than one template on a page or you want to customize it with printed names or dollar amounts instead of writing them in, you would use the png cut by hand file.

You will need software to print and customize the png file. But don’t worry, it’s free and super easy to use. Just sign up for a free Canva account. 

Once in Canva, select the More button and find Create Blank Worksheet (US Letter) – or whatever size works for you. 

Once the blank US Letter template is open, go to Uploads on the left hand side.

Browse out to find the file you downloaded onto your computer or device. Make sure you select the Cut by Hand Money Card that is a png file type. 

Once it’s on the canvas, if you want to fit two on a page, you will need to rotate and resize it. To rotate it, select the rotate button at the bottom.

The proper size to work well with a lip balm pouch is 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall, so go ahead and resize it to 4×5. You do this by selecting the corner and dragging it in until you see w:4 h:5.

If you would like to print more than one at a time, add another design following the same steps as above. 

Next, we will customize the cards. I want to add names, a message and the dollar amount. To do this select the Text button on the left hand size. This brings up a menu where you can select Add a text box.

Then, select the font you would like to use by selecting the drop down menu to the right of the text menu. It defaults to Canva Sans.

Once your font is selected, type whatever you would like in the text box. You can use the rotate and move buttons below the text box to place it just where you need it. You can also resize the text box by selecting the corner of it and pulling in or out.

Once all your text customizations are complete, it’s time to print! Go to file and scroll down to Download.

This brings up a download menu on the right side of your screen. Scroll down until you see File Type PDF Print. Select that and hit the Download button. This will send the document to wherever your downloads go on your computer or device. Open it and send it to print.

Important note: Make sure your printer is set to High Quality for the best possible print. 

I like to print on white 65 lb cardstock. 

Next, you pick up your scissors and cut out the cards. 

I love adding a glitter backing to the lip balm money card. This gives it a special pop and also makes it feel sturdy and fancier. 

Using your cut out lip balm money card as a template, flip the glitter over and trace around the card you just cut out. 

Then, cut out the glitter backings and glue it to the lip balm money card. 

Prepping the Lip Balm Pouch

Now the key piece. The lip balm pouch. I’ve noticed the blank lip balm pouches are sometimes hard to find. 

Adhesive Lip Balm Pouches (my favorite)

Lip Balm Pouches

More Lip Balm Pouches

If the blank pouches are sold out or if you just want to repurpose your lip balm packaging, you can use the pouch from the packaging. Just make sure it’s the type with a pouch that is an attached piece and not one that is just one solid piece. You want to be able to easily remove the pouch from the package.

Lip Balms with removable pouches

To prepare a pouch from a lip balm package:

  • Carefully remove the plastic pouch. My Cricut Spatula works well. 
  • You will notice that you probably have some packaging stuck to the sides that were glued down to the package. We will want to get that off. To do that, get some nail polish remover with acetone and a cotton ball or towel. Go around the edges and get them nice and wet with the nail polish remover. Once the nail polish remover soaks through, the paper from the packaging will fall off. 
  • Now you have a clean ready to use lip balm pouch.Add a Fun Backing to Lip Balm Pouch

Assembling the Lip Balm Pouch Money Holder

The assembly piece of this is quick and easy. If you can get the adhesive lip balm pouches those are the easiest because you don’t have to mess with glue.  If you have the regular pouch without glue, the key is to use a glue that dries clear so you don’t see it through the clear plastic of the lip balm pouch. I love this glue. It adheres quickly and dries clear. 

  • Glue the back (glitter side showing) to the happy birthday money holder.
  • Roll the money up and put it in the pouch. Hold it down with your thumb while you apply glue around the edges of the pouch.
  • Adhere the pouch to the front of the card right over the rectangle at the bottom. The money will unroll a little when you let go of it, but it will stay inside the pouch.Assembling the Lip Balm Pouch Money Holder

And you have quickly created a super fun and cute way to make gifting money more interesting!

How To Print and Cut by Hand

How To Print and Cut by Hand

In my purchased files on Etsy, I include a version of the printable card that is easy to cut out by hand. No Cricut needed (shhhh, don’t tell my Cricut that). Just be sure you open the files that say Cut By Hand.

You can use free software such as Canva or Inkscape to print these cards.


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