I am not sure which I love more, crafting with paper or vinyl on my Cricut. So I often like to mix them together. I am always looking for a gorgeous shortcut. One of my favorites is adding adhesive glitter vinyl to cardstock. Tiny script pieces are so much easier to cut and attach using vinyl instead of carstock. 

Impossible you say! You need to use strong grip transfer tape on glitter vinyl and strong grip transfer tape destroys cardstock. Well, I found a way around that, and I want to share it with you. 


Step 1

Cut, and weed your glitter vinyl like you normally would. Leave it on the carrier sheet.

Step 2

This is very important. As you know, to transfer glitter vinyl, you need to use a strong grip transfer tape. I use Teckwrap Strong Grip (Yellow Grid) transfer tape for this hack. I’ve tried Cricut strong grip and that’s too strong, it ruins my cardstock. 

Take your Teckwrap Strong Grip Transfer Tape and remove the backing. Now take that transfer tape and stick it to your clothes or carpet – anything that is going to get fibers on it. Do that 3-6 times. You want it nice and dirty. I used my jeans and for good measure threw some sweater in there too. 

Step 3

Put the now fuzzy transfer tape on top of the glitter vinyl. Burnish (rub with your squeegee) the front. Then flip it over and burnish the back. 

Step 4

While it’s still flipped over (your transfer tape is closest to the table or surface you are working on and your vinyl is face down), you will slowly roll the back of the glitter vinyl carrier sheet away from the glitter vinyl. Keep the carrier sheet almost flat against the vinyl. Remember, we just made the transfer tape less sticky, so work slowly so you can push down any pieces that stick to the carrier sheet. I use my weeding tool to push them down, but oddly they all usually stick to the fuzzy transfer tape. 

Step 5

Place the transfer tape with the glitter vinyl on it on top of the cardstock. Do not burnish. Lightly push down while outlining the letters with your finger.

Step 6

Just like when you removed the carrier sheet from the glitter vinyl, slowly roll the tranfer tape away from the vinyl and cardstock. 

Now you know a quick and easy way to add glitter vinyl to cardstock. Oh the things you can make!

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