There is nothing better than spending 10-15 minutes on a DIY graduation cake topper using your Cricut and having it turn out elegant and gorgeous looing like you spent hours on it. 

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Featured Video

This video quickly shows you how to assemble the cake topper. Keep reading for how to upload / cut your file using your Cricut.

Easy to Cut and Assemble

As long as you are using the correct cut settings and you carefully remove the cut design from your mat, this design is quick and easy to cut and assemble. I designed it to be one piece on purpose. If you are throwing a graduation party, you have a lot going on already. Let’s keep things simple where we can.

Prepping the File In Design Space

Need help uploading the file Cricut Design Space? How to Upload Files to Cricut Design Space.

Once you have the Graduation Cake Topper loaded into Cricut Design Space, you will notice there are two pieces. One is the back and one is the front. The back is mirrored already so it can be easily glued to the back. 

I highly recommend using a back for your cake topper. You don’t have to, but it makes the cardstock sturdier and not floppy and it hides the stick so the topper looks gorgeous from both sides.

This is where you will resize the design to your liking. I sized mine to 6 inches. Please be sure to resize both to the same exact size.

Cutting the Graduation Cake Topper

This is the step that is the most complicated, however if you follow the steps, you will fly right through.

Tip: Use a brayer to attach your cardstock to the mat.  Use a light grip mat. Use light grip even if you are cutting glitter cardstock. Just make sure it’s sticky enough to hold it securely so it doesn’t slide around.

Cut Settings on Your Cricut

The Cricut settings you use are very important. I made my cake topper using glitter cardstock for the front and regular cardstock in a coordinating color for the back. 

I started out using Glitter Cardstock setting with More pressure. My glitter cardstock had a very thick backing and it didn’t cut all the way through everywhere. It looked messy and didn’t work. I recommend the following settings:

Glitter Cardstock

  • Cut Setting = Heavy Cardstock 100 lb
Use the Heavy Cardstock – 100 lb setting if you are using glitter cardstock.

Regular Cardstock

  • I recommend 60 or 80 lb cardstock if you are using regular cardstock for the back or for both sides. 
  • Use the setting Cardstock (for intricate cuts).
Use the setting Cardstock (for Intricate cuts) if you are using regular cardstock.

Removing the Cake Topper From Your Mat

You will want to carefully remove the cake topper from your mat when it’s finished cutting. I used a spatula to get under the cake topper and worked around the edges to get it started.


Next, I very carefully peeled the mat away from the cake topper. If you try to quickly remove it, the delicate pieces will tear. Slow and gentle is the way to go here. 

Assembling the Graduation Cake Topper

Now that we have our pieces cut and our materials gathered, the rest is quick and easy.

Glue the Front and Back Together

You will want to start by flipping the front piece of the cake topper over so it’s face down. Apply glue to the back. I like using Bearly Art Glue. It’s so easy to use. 

IMPORTANT!!! Do NOT apply glue to the bottom middle (the place where you will insert your cake topper stick).

Do NOT apply glue to the area where my fingers are.

Next, once you’ve applied the glue, line up the back piece and put it on top of the front piece. The Bearly Art Glue is slippery, so you have some wiggle room to move the pieces around and line them up before it adheres.

Add the Cake Topper Stick

Remember, that little area we didn’t glue? That makes the perfect pocket to insert our cake topper stick. Get out your hot glue gun and squirt some glue right in that pocket. Not too much. You want to keep it hidden behind the cardstock. Just a drop will work.

Next, insert the cake topper stick. Make sure it’s straight.

Last step, go back and use your regular glue to seal any areas around the stick that need it.

And you are finished. A fun and quick cake topper that will wow your graduate and their party guests.

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