Looking for the perfect teacher appreciation gift that you can make on your Cricut? Found it! This personalized white board eraser is easy to make and so cute.  

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My kid’s teachers spend 7 hours a day 5 days a week with them. That’s enough to be grateful right there. But they also help them learn and grow.

Therefore, I try to show my appreciation whenever I can. I usually always give gift cards (see this adorable project for DIY gift card holders), but I also like to include something personal that is practical. This year, the teachers are getting personalized white board erasers too.


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Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Prepping the File in Cricut Design Space

First we need to personalize the file in Cricut Design Space and prepare it for cutting.

Get the Pencil SVG File

There are two different ways you can get the pencil svg file. 

  1. You can get it from my website here.
  2. You can get it in Cricut Design Space here.

If you are a Cricut Access Member, you will want to get the file through Design Space because it will be free.

If you get the file from my website you will need to upload it into Cricut Design Space. Need help uploading the file Cricut Design Space? How to Upload Files to Cricut Design Space

Personalizing the File

When you load the project in Cricut Design Space, you will see that the Cricut Access version is an editable file. 

  • First select Ungroup.
  • Next, click on the name and title and change them to the name of your choice. 
  • You can also change the font if you wish. 

If you got the file from my website or Etsy, you will see a blank pencil with no name.

  • Select the text box and type in your teacher’s last name. 
  • Select the font of your choice.
  • Select the text box again and type in their title.
  • Select the font of your choice.
  • Size and position the names on top of the pencil so they fit.

I like to use system fonts (fonts I bring in from outside Cricut). I am using the following fonts for this project:

To learn more about how to use system fonts read: How to Add Any Font to Cricut Design Space

Perfect, now that you have the pencil personalized, we need to do one more thing so it’s a smooth cut. You will need to attach the title and name so they cut together spaced as you set them up.

  • First, make sure your image is Ungrouped.
  • Next, from the layers panel, highlight the title and name, with both highlighted, select Attach.

Sizing the Design

If you are using the same eraser I did, this design is sized to fit perfectly. I specifically selected this eraser because it’s the perfect shape for a pencil. If you are using a different eraser, resize the file to fit your white board eraser.

Cutting the Personalized Pencil Design

With the pencil personalized and sized correctly, it’s time to cut so select the Make button.

Rearranging the Pieces Onto One Mat

You will see that it comes up on six mats. The pieces on each mat are so small that this is the perfect project to move all of your pieces to one mat. You will only need to send it through once instead of loading and unloading six times.

Selecting the Proper Cut Setting

Since I use Teckwrap Vinyl I find that you need a little more pressure to cut through cleanly. I always use the setting Premium Vinyl – Textured Metallic. That works on all my different Teckwrap vinyls. Use the cut setting according to your specific vinyl. 

Applying the Vinyl to the Eraser

Now for the fun part, putting it all together. 

Weeding the Vinyl

Once you pieces are cut, you will want to weed them. I love using my Weeding Pen and Weeding Scrap Collector These pieces are pretty easy to weed. 

After everything is weeded, use your transfer tape to transfer the vinyl pieces onto the eraser. I transfer mine in the following way:

  • Remove the backing from your transfer tape.
  • Lay your transfer tape on top of your weeded piece of vinyl.
  • Burnish (rub with scraper) the front, flip over and burnish the back.
  • With it still flipped over, roll the backing of the vinyl away from the vinyl and transfer tape.

Prepping the Eraser

Before you apply the vinyl to the eraser, you will want to take a lint brush or painters tape and roll it over the surface where you will be applying the vinyl. This way you remove any fuzzies or dirt that will cause bumps.

Applying the Vinyl

You will want to start on the left side with the pink eraser piece of vinyl and work your way across the eraser towards the right side applying the pieces as you go.

Make sure you leave a little space between the pink eraser piece of vinyl and the end of the eraser. It did it both ways and I think it looks better that way.

Apply the rest of the vinyl pieces.


I put mine in a little cello bag with some dry erase markers. I’m excited to give the perfect teacher appreciation gift!


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