These adorable DIY floating glitter personalized pencil keychains make the perfect teacher appreciation gift.   

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I will show you how to transform a lip gloss tube into a sparkly keychain. I made these glitter pencil keychains as teacher appreciation gifts this year. When my daughter saw me making them she immediately placed her order for a keychain for her backpack. Lol!

We will learn two different methods of filling the pencils. One method uses regular glitter and the other method uses floating glitter. 

Supplies Needed

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Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Create the Personalization

Part of what makes these keychains so special is that they are personalized. I am a huge fan of personalizing things, and what better way to do that than with your Cricut. 

Create the Name in Cricut Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space. Need help uploading the file Cricut Design Space? How to Upload Files to Cricut Design Space

Next, select the text button from the left side panel.

Select your favorite Cricut Font or use a system font like me (fonts I bring in from outside Cricut). I am using the following font for this project:

To learn more about how to use system fonts read: How to Add Any Font to Cricut Design Space

Tip: Leave off the punctuation (period after the title). It takes up space and is hard to work with.

Now that you have your name, it’s time to size it. The pencil tube I’m working with measure about 2 inches of usable space to put the name. Therefore, I make my names 1.85″ wide. 

Once it’s sized, go ahead and select Make.

Cut and Weed the Name

Next you will need to select your material type. Since I am using Teckwrap, I find their vinyl is a little thicker. I always use the setting: Premium Vinyl: Textured Metallic. Select whichever setting works for your vinyl.

I apply my vinyl to either a new light grip blue mat or a regular medium grip green mat. Always use your brayer to apply the vinyl to your mat for the best cut possible.

After the vinyl is cut, you will need to weed it. 


Apply the Name

Prep your pencil by rubbing it with rubbing alcohol. This removes any dirt or oil that will keep the vinyl from sticking to the pencil. 

Next, using transfer tape, transfer the vinyl onto the pencil. 

Prep the Pencil Tube

Now we are to the point where we transform the lip gloss tube into a keychain. 

Remove the Stick

First having a lip gloss applicator stick in the middle of our glitter doesn’t work, so we need to remove it. To do this grab your heavy duty scissors:

  • Cut as hard as you can into the applicator (it will dent it but probably not cut through).
  • Turn the applicator and cut on the next side.
  • Continue turning until you’ve worked your way around the applicator.
  • Then, bend the applicator back and forth and it will break cleanly off.


Add the Keychain Eye Screw

It’s very easy to add the keychain eye screw if you have the right equipment. I purchased a little pin vise kit that worked great. 

  • I used the second smallest drill bit and the smallest eye screw.
  • Load the drill bit into the hand drill.
  • Place the drill bit in the center of the eraser. 
  • Turn until the eraser starts to pop off the pencil.
  • Reverse and turn it back out of the eraser.

Now that you have the hole drilled (how easy was that), you screw in the eye screw.

Add The Glitter

We have the practical part out of the way, now it’s time to make these pencils pretty. There are two different ways that I do this. The first is dump a glitter of your choice into the pencil. The second is to make floating glitter and put your glitter in liquid. Let’s start with the easier version, the regular glitter.

Add Solid Glitter

If you have a glitter funnel, adding the glitter to the pencil is super easy. Unless you are me of course, and over pour the glitter making a huge mess. But for most people, it’s really easy. 

The pencil tubes come with a plastic top. This allows just the right amount of lip gloss to come out on the applicator. While we don’t need it for that purpose, we are still going to use it to make the top look polished. It will help hid the applicator nub that was left behind. 

So fill the pencil up with glitter, but leave enough space to insert the plastic piece. It’s as easy as that.


Add Floating Glitter

I also do a version with floating glitter mainly because my daughter is obsessed with it. I mean, can you blame her? 

This is the formula I use for the liquid portion:

  • 1 part glycerin
  • 1 part water
  • 1-2 drops of rubbing alcohol

The rubbing alcohol is in there just to kill anything that might want to grow in our liquid (mold).

You don’t need much liquid at all. I would say .5 oz is plenty if you are doing one. Mix up the liquid formula and set it aside. We are going to add the glitter first. 

Using our lovely glitter funnel again, we are going to add just a little bit of glitter. 

I only filled it up less than a quarter of the way. On my pencil I stopped at the A. I learned the hard way that too much glitter limits the movement of the glitter. 

Next, we will pour our liquid mixture in. We also don’t want too much liquid. It’s best to leave a little space at the top so you can get that air bubble effect. I pour the liquid up to the bottom of the “M”.


But wait, we aren’t done yet. Put your finger over the opening and mix the glitter and liquid together well. You will see that your liquid line has dropped. Add a little more liquid to get you back to the bottom of the “M”. I think this is because the glitter is blocking some open space that the liquid settles into once it’s shaken up. 

Once you are happy with the look of your floating glitter, put the plastic cap on like we did for the other keychain above. 


Secure the Pencil Tube

We just made some gorgeous keychains. I would hate to see them come apart and get lost, so I like to secure any weak parts with hot glue.

The eraser pops off so easily, so I put a dab of hot glue in the bottom of it to help secure it.

Another weak point is the screw on cap. Over time, it can twist and eventually come apart. Can you imagine glitter all over the classroom? I put a few drops of glue inside the lid and twist it on. Now everything is nice and secure.

Finishing Touches

Next using pliers attach the keychain hardware to the pencil with a jump ring. 

Lastly, I love to embellish these beauties with some bling. I love adding cute tassels or apple charms to the key chain.

Enjoy giving these as gifts to teachers, students or making one for yourself!





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