Easily make your own personalized iron on chenille initial cosmetic bag using the bag and colors of your choice. 

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Chenille initial letter bags are having a moment and I’m so glad they are. There is just something about that fuzzy letter surrounded by sparkle that makes me happy.

So when my daughter wanted her own travel cosmetic bag for Christmas, I had a favorite bag in mind that I’ve used before. It’s well made and wipes up easily and looks great. The only problem was, it looks a little plain for a tween. So, I bought the bag in her favorite color and her first initial and made her a custom bag. Spoiler alert, she loved it!


Prepping the Bag

I gathered the bag and the chenille letter. The bag is nylon and the chenille letter is iron on, so you have to be careful not to melt the bag. I used my Cricut EasyPress Mini for this. 

  • Set the Cricut EasyPress Mini to level 3. 

  • Next, turn the bag inside out. 
  • Then, position the initial inside the bag where you would like it to be. This is the trickiest part because you don’t want to moving before you iron it on. 

Ironing the Initial On The Bag

  • Next, place some parchment paper over the outside of the inside out bag. This helps protect from melting the nylon.
  • For the first pass you want to tack the letter in place. To do this, I initially pressed in the middle of the letter for 5 seconds. Then I carefully moved around the letter for 15 more seconds. This tacked my letter in place to keep it from moving going forward. 

  • Once the initial was tacked on, I peeked inside to see how much more work I had to do. The edges needed a lot more work, but I assumed that. Remember, you want to work in short careful bursts so you don’t melt your bag.

The remaining ironing went like this:

  • Pass 2 – another all over pass for 20 seconds.
  • Pass 3 – concentrated heat in one section that needed it for 10-15 seconds
  • Pass 4 – concentrated heat in one section that needed it for 10-15 seconds
  • Pass 5 – concentrated heat in one section that needed it for 10-15 seconds

When you are finished, the initial should be adhered all the way around with no peeling back at the edges. So continue your spot ironing until everything is adhered it might take you less passes or slightly more passes than it took me. Just remember, work in short intervals of time so you don’t melt your bag. 

You have an adorable bag that is perfect for a Christmas or Birthday present. These bags are perfect for travel or holding pencils, chargers, etc. You will definitely be organized in style. 

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