My almost 8 year old wanted her party at a treehouse / zipline place. I always let her pick the party theme. Yes, I am a DIY crafter – there is always a theme.

She picked flowers. Which was brilliant because she loves flowers and it went perfectly with the outdoor treehouse setting. So now the fun begins!

I must admit, I used my Cricut a lot for this party, but if you don’t have one, there are still plenty of great non-Cricut ideas.

Choose Your Flower and Palette 

The first step was to narrow the selection down to what type of flower. My daughter loves all flowers and we could’ve done a mix, but after searching on Amazon and to keep it simple overall, we went with a daisy. Daisy products are easy to find, easy to create and easily identifiable. 

Next, we had to decide on a color palette. My daughter’s favorite color is turquoise, so that was a must. She also likes purple, so I threw that in. To incorporate the daisy I also included yellow and then for fun we threw a pale pink in too. The yellow saved it from being too mermaidy. If that’s a word…

Flower Decor

For this party, I decided to try a few things that I have never done before. That can always be scary and exciting.

Foam Number Balloon Mosaic

The foam number 8 balloon mosaic was by far the most adventurous decoration I created for the party. It was also the most commented on. People loved it. Most importantly my daughter loved it! Making it was quiet the task, so I dedicated an entire post to it. How to Assemble a Balloon Mosaic – Lessons Learned.

I used this balloon kit with the daisy balloon to keep it on color and flower theme. 

Balloon Boxes

The balloon boxes were very simple to do. They are intended for use at a baby shower and come with the letters B-A-B-Y to glue on. I put those aside and pulled out my Cricut Maker 3 and cut out my daughter’s name.

Luckily she only has 4 letters in her name. You could do the same with initials and a daisy on the fourth box or a shortened nickname if your child’s name is longer. I used the same balloon kit and put a daisy balloon in the top to keep the theme rolling. These were definitely the perfect focal point for the party. 

Daisy Themed Luminary Centerpieces

Using my Cricut again, I made these adorable lantern centerpieces out of cardstock. I am currently working on getting the SVG files listed in my shop.

I glued vellum to the inside  of the cardstock. Next, I put flowers inside a plastic champagne flute filled water. This fit perfectly inside my cardstock lantern. Inside the champagne flute I dropped a water proof led light, so the whole thing glowed. It was magical looking. 

Flower Table Settings

The flower themed table settings were pretty easy to pull together. I included a few personalized touches.

Plates and Napkins

I found a pack of cute plates in my theme colors with scalloped edges. I paired the plates with adorable flower napkins (not quite daisy – but close enough). I then sat a personalized daisy candy holder on each plate. 

Personalized Daisy Candy Holder

Again, I pulled out the Cricut to make these daisy dome candy holders. I filled the domes with yellow starburst. 

Definitely not necessary, but I personalized each one with their name. The kids loved finding their name when they came into eat. I sat these in the center of each plate. 

Personalized Cups

Sticking with the personalized theme, using my Cricut, I added a cute little daisy and their name to each cup. Then I put an  adorable paper straw in each. This was so quick and easy. 

Daisy Table Confetti

Since this was an outdoor theme treehouse / flower party, I wanted to keep it a little rustic, so I opted to not use tablecloths or table runners. I stuck with the wood picnic tables.

I was a little worried the table would look a little bare without a runner, so I quickly cut out some varying sized daisies on my Cricut and used them as table confetti. It was just the right touch to fill some space on the table. 

Flower Food

Since this party was at a venue, I didn’t have much of a say in the food. Pizza would be served. I could however bring in some fruits and vegetables to go with the pizza. I found these adorable fruit flowers from So creative!

I bought a watermelon, cantaloupe and some green grapes. I used a cookie cutters I had previously purchased from Michaels and plastic lollypop sticks.

For the base to hold the flowers, I used a plastic tumbler. I cut a circle out of some 1/4 inch foam board I had. I poked a few holes in the foam board using a little screw driver.

Then,  I glued the circle to the inside top of the tumbler with plenty of hot glue and pushed the lollypop sticks through the premade holes. This held them in place nicely. Next, I wrapped cardstock around the plastic tumbler to make it look nicer and glued one of my daisy table confetti pieces to the front. 

This was a huge hit! The kids loved it and ate every single daisy. The parents love the fruit idea, and I heard several say they were going to make it for a class treat for school.  

Flower Goody Bags

I attempt to make my goody bags somewhat reusable or consumable so parents don’t have to deal with throwing out junk. I found these adorable embroidered bags (currently out of stock) for $2.77 each. They are well made and so cute and can definitely be reused. I picked turquoise and purple to stay on our color theme. Unfortunately they weren’t flower themed, but my daughter really liked them and they fit in well with the decor.

We filled them with daisy sunglasses, flower tattoos, rock candy and flower pencils

Flower Birthday Success

My daughter loved her party and it was fun to create and plan with her. Flower is such a simple yet adorable theme. One of the mom’s texted me the next day and said how her daughter couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was that everything was flower theme. So we definitely got our point across. Lol!



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