If you are looking for a quick and easy DIY Cricut Valentine for your child’s classroom, you’ve come to the right place. I am also including the free SVG template so you can make it with me. 

My son is in 4th grade and he’s quickly becoming too cool for handing out Valentine’s. This year he just wanted to give out Fun Dip. No cute packaging or punny sayings. Well being a crafter, that hurt my heart a bit. So I whipped up this cute matchbook cover for his Fun Dip and put on a simple message. I knew I had to keep it simple to sell the idea to him. He actually loved it! So I quickly made 16 more for his classmates.  This project was too quick and easy not to share with you!


Featured Video

Watch me make the matchbook Fun Dip holder or if you prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Upload Template Into Design Space

Download the Fun Dip SVG Template.

Upload the SVG into Cricut Design Space.

Need help? Check out my previous post: How to Upload a File Into Cricut Design Space

Prepare the Template for Cutting

When you upload the template you will see two elements:

  1. The Matchbook Template
  2. The Message Template

Select the Ungroup Button. 

Next, select the matchbook template and select the Ungroup button again. 

You will see three lines. We need to change these to score lines. As they are right now, they will cut through the cardstock. 

  • Select the three lines in the layers panel while holding down shift. This will select all three lines.
  • Go to the Operation menu while they are hightlighted.
  • Drop down and select Score.
  • Now they will be dashed lines.

With the three lines already highlighted in the layers panel, hold down shift and select the red Fun Dip template as well. With all four highlighted, select the attach button. 

Congrats! You have the matchbook template ready to go. Now, let’s turn our attention to the message card. The template I have included says “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Feel free to use this as is or change it.

  • First, you will need to select Ungroup. Now you can remove the saying from the white card. Do not change the size of the white card. It is made to fit perfectly in the slots on the matchbook. 
  • Once the Happy Valentine’s Day is Ungrouped, feel free to add your own text or image(s). 

  • Once you have added your own design or if you are using mine, highlight the white card and all the design elements on top of it. 
  • Now, you will select the Flatten button. This changes the operation to Print then Cut.

Now both the matchbook and the card are ready to print/cut. But first, if you are making these in bulk for a classroom let’s make some copies.

Select the matchbook and right click copy and right click paste. I only make two copies of the matchbooks. Two will fit on a piece of cardstock (letter or 12×12), so I just make two copies and cut the same mat over and over. 

For the print then cut however, make as many copies and you need for the classroom. 

Now we are ready to print and cut! Select the Make It button.

Print Then Cut The Message

First, we will do the print then cut. 

  • Hit the Continue button.
  • Select send to Printer.
  • Select your Printer from the drop down.
  • Don’t forget to change print quality to high on your printer before you print!
  • Select the print button.

  • Once your message cards are printed, put them on your mat. Tip: I always use a brayer to get them to stick well. 
  • Select your material type. Since I’m using 60lb cardstock, I used the medium cardstock setting.
  • Press Go.

  • Tip: Once your Cricut is finished cutting, flip your mat over and peel the mat away from the cardstock so it doesn’t bend.

Cutting the Matchbook Fun Dip Template

  • Once you are finished with your print then cut, it’s time to cut the matchbooks.
  • If you are using letter cardstock like I did, you need to make sure you line it up very carefully to get it to fit. Do NOT change the mat size to letter. It’ll push the matchbooks on different mats. Just make sure the left hand side is about 1/4 of an inch from the left line of the mat. See below. 
  • Select your material (medium cardstock), load your scoring stylus or wheel and select Go.

You now have two perfectly cut matchbooks.

Assembling the Fun Dip Valentine Matchbook

Fold the matchbook along the score lines. I use a creasing tool to achieve nice crisp lines. You can always use your finger.

Next, insert the messge card into the front 4 slots.

Insert the Fun Dip package inside the matchbook. Staple the bottom of the matchbook to the bottom of the Fun Dip packet. Make sure you staple as low as possible. 

And you are done already! I hope you love these save those busy crafty moms some time this Valentine’s Day. 



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