If you are looking to take that Easter basket up a level this year, these easy to make carrot treat holder boxes are just the thing!

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Who doesn’t love a pretty Easter basket? Part of the fun of Easter is coming downstairs to find this gorgeous basket filled with colorful spring themed candy and toys. These adorable carrot treat boxes will make the perfect addition. 


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Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Easy to Cut and Assemble

These treat boxes use one sheet of 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I set it up this way because you can get packs of 8.5 x 11 sheets of cardstock affordably at Michaels. They are often on sale. You only need one seam of glue and the rest is just folding.  That means you won’t spend a lot of time making those Easter baskets special.

Prepping the File In Design Space

Need help uploading the file Cricut Design Space? How to Upload Files to Cricut Design Space.

Once you have the Carrot Treat Box Template loaded into Cricut Design Space, you will notice it has cut lines. The first thing you need to do is change those cut lines to score lines or your carrot will be cut to pieces. 

  • In the layers panel, select the lines.
  • Go over to Operations and drop down and select Score.

Carrot Treat Holder Box

  • Next, in the layers panel, select the box and the score lines.
  • With both highlighted, select the Attach button.
    • This keeps them together on one mat.
  • Select the Make button.

Prepping the File in Silhouette Studio

For those of you using a Silhouette cutting machine instead of a Cricut, you will need to change the cut lines to score. Please see this tutorial to help you: How to Change Cut to Score Lines in Silhouette Studio

Cutting the Carrot Box

  • Next, select your material. Since I’m using Michael’s Recollection 8.5″ x 11″ 65lb cardstock, I’m selecting Medium Cardstock.
    • I recommend using 65-80 lb cardstock for these carrot boxes.
  • The first operation the Cricut will do is score. The Explore Air line uses a scoring stylus and the Maker line uses a stylus or a scoring wheel. 
    • If using a scoring stylus put it into clamp A. 
    • If using a scoring wheel put it into clamp B (remove the fine point blade).


Tip: Use a brayer to attach your cardstock to the mat.  


  • Your Cricut will score first and then cut. If you are using the scoring wheel, you will need to switch the wheel for the fine point blade. 
  • Then, carefully remove the carrot template from your mat by flipping your mat upside down and peeling the mat away from the cardstock.


Assembling the Carrot Treat Box

First, you will fold and crease along all of the score lines. I like to use my bone creaser tool for this, but you can use your fingers or whatever you have on hand.

Next, add glue to the tab on the side. 

Then, fold the tab over and glue it to the other side to close the box. Make sure the tab is on the inside of the box and the edges are lined up.

Now the fun part, fill the carrot with treats!

Next, gather together both loops at the top.

While holding the loops together, bring one side flap over top. Slide the loops through the slit in the flap.

Repeat with the second flap.

Slide your ribbon carefully through the loops. 1.5″ wire ribbon works great. I love the wire because it gives it a cute perky carrot top. You can use a ribbon that is less thick, but I wouldn’t go thicker in fear of ripping the loops.

Knot the ribbon and trim the ends.

This is one carrot your kids will be eager to dig into!

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