Class of 2024 photo graduation banner

Take a trip down memory lane and honor that special graduate by making this amazing photo banner. It’s easy to make using your Cricut and makes the perfect focal point for your party.

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I challenge you to make this banner without shedding a happy tear or two. It’s the photos. They get me every time. Looking back and seeing year over year how your graduate has grown just pulls on those heartstrings. 



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Watch for a step by step tutorial. Prefer written instructions, keep reading.

FREE With Cricut Access

I am a Cricut Contributing Artist. What does that mean to you? If you pay for Cricut Access, you can cut this project for FREE in Cricut Design Space. Here is the the link to the project

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Uploading the File in Cricut Design Space

Need help uploading the file in Cricut Design Space? How to Upload Files to Cricut Design Space

All of the frames are in one file, so they will load at the same time. They are large, but it’s easier and more efficient than loading them one by one since it’s one project. 


Graduation photo banner in Cricut Design Space

Resizing the Frames

You can resize the frames at this point if you wish. This project is sized for 5×7 photos. You can resize this to 4×6. You cannot make these fit 8×10 photos because they would end up bigger than a 12×12 piece of cardstock.

Go ahead and select Make.

Selecting the Right Cardstock 

Two regular frames fit on a 12×12 piece of cardstock; which is nice. For the frames I use 80lb cardstock. It’s easy to cut and thick enough to look sturdy.

The right cardstock makes all the difference in paper projects. Use solid core cardstock (the center is not white – the color goes all the way through). If you are having trouble cutting, switch your brand of cardstock. Some of my favorite brands are:

I like to use fun cardstock for the pieces that spell out Class of 2024 at the top. I usually use glitter or metallic cardstock. I recommend the same brands as above. 

Choosing the Cut Setting

For this project I always Select the cut setting Cardstock (for intricate cuts) for my regular cardstock. If you are having trouble cutting all the way through select More under Pressure.

I either use glitter Cardstock or Heavy Cardstock setting for the pieces that attach along the top depending on what material I am using. 


Select Cardstock for Intricate Cuts on the mat selection screen in Cricut Design Space

Choosing the Correct Mat

With a delicate paper cut like this, you always want to use a clean light grip mat. If you are using glitter cardstock, I also recommend a clean light grip mat or a well used standard grip mat. I new standard grip mat is too sticky to work with cardstock. 

I also always apply all my materials to my mat (cardstock, vinyl, etc.) using a Brayer.

With the correct paper, cut setting and mat, you have no problem cutting out all of your frames and top pieces. Just remember when removing the cardstock from your mat, flip your mat over and peel the mat away from the cardstock. 

Peeling a banner photo frame from a light grip mat.

Assembling the Frames

I attach what I call the “pieces that pop” to the top of the frame using foam adhesive squares. This gives them nice dimension. Attach all of your pieces to the top this way.

Attaching "C" cut out to the top of the kindergarten graduation photo frame

Once you are finished with attaching the top pieces, it’s time to pull out the photos (and the tissues). 

I simply tape the photos to the back of the frame using scotch tape. This way if you are using originals, you can easily remove them without damaging them when you are done.

With the photo frame flipped upside down, use scotch tape to attach the photo

How cute is this finished frame!

Picture of the kindergarten photo frame with photo inserted.

Stringing It All Together

Lastly, you need to get these frames all strung together so you can hang this gorgeous banner you just made. I like to break the banner into three pieces: Class (5 frames), Of (4 frames), 2024 (4 frames). You can also leave it as one long banner if you have enough room to hang it. 

I like to use this twisted Nylon Cord to string all the frames together. Here are some rough measurements so you know how much cord you need:

  • CLASS = 5 frames = 40 inches (including extra at the ends to hang it)
  • OF = 4 frames = 34 inches (including extra at the ends to hang it)
  • 2024 = 4 frames = 34 inches (including extra at the ends to hang it)

If you are doing one long banner it would be approximately 108 inches total with extra at the ends for hanging. 

Picture of graduation photo banner.

To make it easier to thread the cord through, a little trick I use is to coat the end of the cord in glue and twist it into a point. It takes a few coats of glue. Let it dry for a few minutes and you have an easy way to thread your cord through the holes.

Adding glue to the end of cord to keep it from fraying.

Once you are done adding all the frames to the cord, cut your end cord to the appropriate length. I then use an Aim N Flame to melt the ends so they don’t unravel. Please be careful with the flame around all that paper. 

Melting the end of braided cord to keep it from fraying with an aim n flame

And it’s as easy as that. You have an incredibly adorable way to celebrate your graduate. I guarantee your party guests are going to ooh and aah over it.  

Class of 2024 photo graduation banner





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